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Our Practice

Our Staff

Rheumatology Center of Houston is committed to providing outstanding care for our patients with rheumatologic disorders.  Close and personal communication between our staff and patients is essential in maintaining this high level of care.  Furthermore, we are respectful of our patients' time and needs and we provide timely updates to each patient's referring physicians.  We strongly believe in patient education and encourage each patient to take an active and responsible role in their healthcare.         

Rheumatology Center of Houston has an infusion suite on-site.  The infusion suite is fully equipped to treat our patients with arthritis and connective tissue diseases using the most up-to-date infusion medications.  In addition, lab and x-ray services are offered in our building for the convenience of our patients.

Rheumatology Center of Houston, with Dr. Vo as the principal investigator, is participating in several national and international clinical trials.  To get more information on clinical trials, click here.